Jackie. It’s two years today that Margaret passed, and I wanted to thank you for your part in being with me and helping me find a way past all the shite that came with it. It’s occasionally still a struggle, but I can usually get through it with Mindful Meditation, and perhaps a small glass of the falling down water.

Allan - April 2019

Jackie’s one day course introduces you to the science of mindfulness, providing clear, research-based information blended beautifully with relatable insights from life, delivered with enthusiasm and compassion.  Whether you’re new to the concept of mindfulness or want to re-establish your mindful practice, whether you’re seeking tools to help you through life’s struggles or to find your inner voice, a day with Jackie is bound to give you what you need.

Jenny D March 2019

Jackie’s retreats are full of heart and relaxation.  They allow you to connect fully to the now, and you are able to fully experience however much you need to support you in your journey.

Joanne March 2019

Jackie provides an intimate yet individual environment in which to explore and find one’s inner-self. Jackie herself is a wonderful and positive individual who can encourage and invite personal growth. As an experienced mental health nurse, I cannot speak highly enough of Jackie’s ability to ensure that each individual feels supported and encouraged to look within themselves and to explore their own personal journey. Having undertaken a day retreat and a 5 day retreat in Morocco, I can highly recommend The Sky Garden retreat to meet any individual needs.

Emma March 2019

Jackie Coventry is a truly amazing human being.  She is so in touch with her spiritual self, and makes you feel warm and welcomed to her amazing Sky Garden Retreat!

I would highly recommend Jackie to anyone who is looking to find their inner self, whether it be through meditation or Reiki practice.  I feel at complete peace around Jackie, and her vibrant positive aura.  She is truly beautiful, and I believe deeply in what she practices.

Emma March 8th 2019

Ten Minute Meditation on YouTube Jackie Coventry

I have just completed a ten minute guided meditation by Jackie Coventry from her Sky Garden Retreat in Essaouira. Reflecting on this I realised that one of the reasons these meditations are so peaceful is that, although it is done from a rooftop, there is no traffic noise. 

Of course there are cars, taxis and buses outside the walls of the town,  but inside it is just the sound of normal life taking place.  

Early in the morning you mainly hear the sound of birds squawking over the sea, the waves on the rocks and the odd couple of cats having a fight! 

These gentle sounds don’t take you away from the meditation, but can in fact bring you back from the flitting mind.  

I am not an early riser, and was doubtful that I would make it to the pre-breakfast mindfulness movement sessions on the rooftop of the Riad where we were staying. However I did make the first one, and after that nothing would stop me from going to the others. 

It was a very gentle relaxing time to start the day, but on the fourth day I managed to touch my toes for the first time in years!

Jackie is a knowledgeable, caring, special lady and guide.  

I have no hesitation in recommending this course. It can change your life, or you can just take from it what you need, but whatever you do, if you have the opportunity - just do it! 

Mo Smith February 2019

Essaouira RETREAT:

"This was my first retreat and my first time doing anything like this on my own. I was made to feel relaxed and welcome and accepted immediately. Essaouira is so beautiful and the Riad was amazing! What I loved about this retreat was the balance with work on meditation and discussion and just having a little bit of a holiday. Even our trips out were lessons on mindfulness in a natural relaxed way. Jackie is a vibrant, enthusiastic and caring teacher with a fun personality. This experience was a profound and enjoyable one for me, I have made friendships I hope to have for ever. Thank you so much Jackie xx"

"Hi everyone ... few words from me : ‘such a lovely, gentle and happy week in Essouria. Jackie is a wonderful, inspiring mindfulness teacher and Essouria the perfect spot to unwind, relax and make this journey towards inner peace and strength.’ Xx"

"Jackie's retreat in Essaouira was one of the loveliest, most refreshing weeks I've had. Going into the retreat, I knew nothing about mindfulness and wasn't much of a meditator so I wasn't sure what to expect. However Jackie is such a warm and helpful teacher that I soon realised I had nothing to worry about. Jackie's meditation lessons every day were such a treat and Jackie herself is a lovely person with an infectious energy. Essaouira meanwhile is the perfect backdrop for a mindfulness retreat filled with amazing food and stunning scenery. I couldn't recommend this retreat more highly. Xx"

"We never know what life is going to throw at us ! And taking time out gives us a chance to put things into perspective and learn to accept and apppreciate what life has thrown at us good or bad. 
Jackie’s mindfulness retreat helped me feel calm, reflective and equipped with the tools to continue my spiritual journey.  Jackie is such a beautiful soul , she was an inspiration to us all and Essaouira was the perfect host. I shall look so forward to my next retreat , love Hazel xxx"

"Fantastic Moroccan retreat.  Thank you.  Life changing" - April 2017, Essaouira. 



"I recommend this workshop.  I was sceptical but so glad that I joined this day" - Anon 2016

"Jackie is just so cool and young spirited but also creates a really nurturing space - that in itself was so helpful to allow all the wonderful things she teaches to have space to penetrate. The day is great for beginners and more experienced meditators - very accessible. Great content and just a beautifully gorgeous day - relaxing and nourishing, felt like a spa day" Ali Roff, Psychologies Magazine - August 2017, and see Psychologies magazine, Spring 2018.

"F****** amazing food, 10/10" - Anon - August 2017

"I enjoyed the freedom to share and hear other peoples stories.  The exercises too.  The poems were so perfectly chosen.  A safe space to learn.  Achievable insights!" - Connie Roff - August 2017

"I really can't thank you enough. You have made such a difference to my life by introducing new ways for me to look at things and this has helped me through the worst time. I really feel stronger now and more able to really embrace the full 8 week course, embedding this properly into every day life. So thank you. Really looking forward to the future! Xxx" - Pam March 2017

"You are very gifted and talented in your spectrum of expertise" - Frankie, April 2017

"A little something from me to say thank you. You are a very special lady and words cannot express the gratitude that I have that you came into my life. Mrs C you really have been my anchor and mindfulness is part of my life now and forever. Thank you". - Pam - May 2017

"Thank you Jackie for what was a magical, meaningful and sometimes painful retreat day with you.  You have opened my eyes to a new and exciting way of living.  It was a shock to realise the lack of compassion I have had for myself until now. I am so grateful for your kindness wisdom and support." - Anon - 2017

"The location and atmosphere were perfect for meditation and the small group setting meant we were able to openly share our life experiences together (without pressure). There were lots of cathartic and revelatory moments. Overall, I've not been so relaxed in years and feel I can readily begin to apply the techniques we were taught, in order to experience a more relaxing and rewarding life." John Castle, Medical Student - 2015                                                                                                                                

"The day far exceeded my expectations and I will be making changes in my life as a result. I do hope you offer the 8 week course as I feel you have an amazing gift in bringing mindfulness to life. Excellent - it was perfect"  Sharon Williams - 2015                                                                                                                                           "I think it's amazing, and a bit surprising, that a group of people who don't know each other can be so open and honest with each other"  "[How would you rate the lunch?] one of the best lunches I've ever had 5/5" Chris - 2015                                                                                                            

"Really helpful and insightful, looking forward to applying it to everyday." - Meg - 2016

"Great, clear guidance - informed but genuine + natural. Relaxed teaching style - open and honest and very accessible/relatable, but totally in control." Anon - 2016

"The lunch was SUPERB. It really was soul food. Beautiful surrounding and a superb venue. Thank you for your hospitality and your generosity." "[Would you recommend this workshop to others?] Yes, absolutely and without hesitation." Mandy Nicholls - 2016

"Jackie has been an inspiration to me and this course is an investment in yourself."  Jan - 2016

"A dear friend of mine, starting her own venture. Having spent countless hours with her, just being in her presence can lift your mood and ease your mind. Being in my job, I know how important a healthy emotional state is to our whole body. I would recommend some Jackie time to everyone! The retreat is within her own home, which is like being in a whole other world as soon as you enter. It's just magical". Laura Robinson-Hurst, massage and healing therapist - 2015

"A wise and compassionate friend of mine is running this course in a beautiful natural setting. Highly recommended". Denise Baldock, mindfulness teacher and therapist - 2016

"Amazing place. So peaceful, and a great place to reflect and relax." Ben Shallow, client

"I started on the 8 week MBSR course 4 months ago, and haven't looked back! It has turned my life around completely, and a new future is waiting. It helped me realise my worth, compassion and made me stronger to deal with everyday issues as well as deep rooted ones from my past.  All sessions are held in Jackie's home, which is very peaceful and beautiful - the perfect place for meditation and Retreats.  Mindfulness has brought me to a wonderful place, and I have the strength and confidence to stop taking pills for depression, stand up to my bosses for better pay and conditions, and now a better job and future - all this I could not have done before Mindfulness.  I practise Mindfulness everyday, meditate everyday, doing ordinary daily jobs 'Mindfully', it is so calming, and nobody knows you are even doing it!  It's all about the 'breath', and in times of irritation, frustration or even temper, I just 'breathe' be kind to myself, and can cope with anything!  I would say, give it a go, you have nothing to loose, and a whole new you to gain!" - Louise Pickford, Hampshire - 2016

"You have an amazing gift of gently guiding reasons as to why we may have our stresses" October 2016